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Post-Covid concert updates

With Covid waning, it is time to get back to hearing live music!

In the past year, I have attended shows by Bauhaus and Joe Jackson.

Upcoming, I’ll be seeing They Might Be Giants in a couple of weeks, and Tears For Fears in a few months. I am very excited about both of those.

Bill Hicks: March 1991

I was in Nashville for the SEC Mens’ Basketball Tournament in March 1991, and my friend Richard and I went out for the evening, looking for adventure. We found it!

I was already aware of Hicks and his work, so I was thrilled to see his name on the marquee at the club, and even more so upon learning that there were seats available. We sat right by the stage to the left of the video frame.

Sitting up front at a comedy show is not a great idea: Richard received a fair amount of attention from Hicks throughout the show.

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