This all happened within a block-ish or so of our house. We were just returning from an outing when it happened, so, fortunately, we missed hearing the gunshots and got home before the police swarmed in and traffic got messy.

The shooting was in a playground with kids in it at the time. Some reports suggest an argument or fight, others suggest a drug deal gone bad. Knowing nothing factual but my own experience living here, I think the former is more plausible, and the second is a dog-whistle.

This was the first warm and nice Saturday night of the lead-up to summer, so this does not bode well for the months ahead. The area where we live has become louder and more unhinged on weekends in recent years.

Used to be: Teenagers drinking and partying around bonfires while lo-riders cruise the beach strip. I have zero problem with that.

Becoming: Guys in luxury vehicles shooting each other and all-night motorcycle racing. It’s becoming concerning.

Seattle PD has a Twitter feed of incidents, and there were nearly two dozen other calls to the neighborhood (say, 6-7 block radius) that were not related to this shooting. It was a wild night.