Album cover for "Start It!" by Jason Mingledorff
Bandcamp link here!

I’ve had the good fortune of knowing and playing with a lot of outstanding musicians over the years, and one of them, my friend Jason Mingledorff from undergrad years at Alabama who is now based in New Orleans, released his first solo album today.

He’s had a career of being in bands (such as Grammy-winning New Orleans Nightcrawlers, plus Dr. John’s band, Papa Grows Funk, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Galactic, and many others), but not leading a band of his own. That has changed in a big way!

The album kicks. It slaps. It is 🔥. It’s jazz with an aroma of funky NOLA stank, and is both cerebral and visceral. Jason is a monster sax player, the tunes are excellent, and the whole thing sounds like a million bucks. Congrats to him!

Maybe I’ll write up a review of this album at some point. There’s some really interesting things in there.