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And here we go

Vague-posting a bit here, but I want to mark the day without getting into details at the moment.

When I moved to Seattle in 2014, my musical life and personality was figuratively stored away in a little box. It was a necessary compartmentalization to facilitate some major life and career changes.

I knew I had to completely let go of the past to live in the present and prepare a new future. So I just put it away. I tried taking it back out on a few occasions, but it was never the right time, and didn’t feel right. It made me sad for what I missed from the past.

In recent months there has been a scratching noise coming from that box, like something trying to escape. It’s been getting more intense.

I had a conversation with a friend this morning that led to me creating some blank staff paper this afternoon.

This conversation was not a singular or first manifestation of this re-emergence of my musical side. I had a conversation with a different friend a few days ago about her own similar path in this regard, and how that has been going for her. I have also started playing in a local brass band.

Hell, even getting this site redone, and this blog space fired up, is part of that entire mental shift of getting back to being a creator again.

Things are happening. I think the use for that box is coming to a close.

My friend Jason’s album release!

Album cover for "Start It!" by Jason Mingledorff
Bandcamp link here!

I’ve had the good fortune of knowing and playing with a lot of outstanding musicians over the years, and one of them, my friend Jason Mingledorff from undergrad years at Alabama who is now based in New Orleans, released his first solo album today.

He’s had a career of being in bands (such as Grammy-winning New Orleans Nightcrawlers, plus Dr. John’s band, Papa Grows Funk, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Galactic, and many others), but not leading a band of his own. That has changed in a big way!

The album kicks. It slaps. It is 🔥. It’s jazz with an aroma of funky NOLA stank, and is both cerebral and visceral. Jason is a monster sax player, the tunes are excellent, and the whole thing sounds like a million bucks. Congrats to him!

Maybe I’ll write up a review of this album at some point. There’s some really interesting things in there.

Post-Covid concert updates

With Covid waning, it is time to get back to hearing live music!

In the past year, I have attended shows by Bauhaus and Joe Jackson.

Upcoming, I’ll be seeing They Might Be Giants in a couple of weeks, and Tears For Fears in a few months. I am very excited about both of those.

The Revolution @ The Showbox in Seattle, WA

Following the death of Prince in April 2016, his former band The Revolution went on tour as celebrate his life and music.

I was there. The guy who took this video was in front of me in the crowd, and I appear numerous times. I am very thankful this video exists.

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