Updates and whatnot

It's a pleasant and relaxing Saturday. I'm watching football and doing some updates to the site. Kim and I will be going to a hors d'oeuvre and wine party this evening, which will be fun. We're both looking forward to our upcoming trip to Seattle.

Screwlucy's paw (likely injured in a skirmish with Freyja) is healing well. All of the other beasts are fine.

Birthday convergences

• Today would have been my mom's 61st birthday.

• Started the day off with a trip to the vet: Screwlucy has a hurt paw. Turns out it had been bitten by another cat. I'm willing to bet it was Freyja. But that was an improvement over how we went to bed last night, not knowing where Lucy was. When getting Lucy signed in at the vet, they asked how old she was. Since we did not know for sure, except that she seems about a year old now, we decided to make today her birthday.

• While in the exam room with the vet, I mentioned that today was Lucy's birthday. The vet said, "So is mine."

• One of my students just drunk-dialed me... on her 21st birthday while out celebrating with a bunch of friends.

Performance of "fix•a•tion" in Valdosta, GA

My friend Russell Brown will be performing my work fix•a•tion for clarinet and computer on a faculty recital at Valdosta State (GA) University tonight. I wish I could be there, but it's just too far to go and a terrible time in the semester to be away. Russell has performed this piece in my absence before, so I know it will go fine.