Jul 2008

Whitewater rafting

Kim's boss called me last night to invite me to go whitewater rafting with him and some other folks this afternoon. I'd never been before, so I was eager for the adventure.

What a blast. I am a whitewater rafting believer now. Beautiful bumpy river (the Stillwater), ridiculously funny conversationalists for the drift time in the boat, no injuries, and no damaged gear.

We got back to the vehicles, and I checked my cell phone: 6 missed calls, 4 voicemails. Huh? That's like three weeks worth. I looked at the call log, and three were from our neighbor, one number I did not know, and two from Kim. Wha...?!?! That can't be good.

Turns out there was a wildfire in our area this afternoon and our neighborhood was under voluntary evacuation. But it was far from us, relatively speaking, and the rain we got today put it down pretty quickly. So, kinda scary, but ultimately nothing to speak of.

I'm now home taking in a lovely purple rainy sunset, getting some charcoals burning for some burgers, and playing fetch with Demi. Tomorrow morning: the first farmers' market of the season. Life is good.

Demi watching cars

This video is hilarious: Demi watching oncoming traffic as we were driving through southeastern Washington last week.

Summer vacation is underway; new photos

Kim and I are at her parents' place near Seattle, and I've uploaded a new set of photos in the album called Summer Vacation 2008. I will continuously update this album as we accumulate more pictures.

We're having a great time. It's nice being in western Washington, where it's 20 degrees cooler than in Billings. We arrived on Saturday and went to a Mariners game yesterday. Today we'll head downtown for a while then do some shopping on the east side, then.....????