Performance of "The Hole Through Which the White Light Shines"

I'm in Turlock, CA, for a performance of my piano composition The Hole Through Which the White Light Shines at the Society of Composers Region VIII Conference at CSU Stanislaus. It was a good travel day, and I enjoyed the drive from Oakland. Tomorrow morning I will be driving down to Monterey to take a look around. It's only a couple of hours, and given that I'm such a big fan of John Steinbeck, it will be a treat to see his corner of California.

Summer vacation is underway; new photos

Kim and I are at her parents' place near Seattle, and I've uploaded a new set of photos in the album called Summer Vacation 2008. I will continuously update this album as we accumulate more pictures.

We're having a great time. It's nice being in western Washington, where it's 20 degrees cooler than in Billings. We arrived on Saturday and went to a Mariners game yesterday. Today we'll head downtown for a while then do some shopping on the east side, then.....????